• Better guest service & satisfaction
  • Higher motivation, competitiveness and challenge to hotel employees
  • Locating persisting problems, problematic rooms and areas
  • Analyzing average response times in different periods
  • Track team per formance and analyze quality levels with Inspector
  • Predicting future problems, based on past statistics
  • Avoiding calls that could be handled by preventive maintenance
  • Reducing human resources expenses
  • Utilizing department performance, schedule and order of actions
  • Implement a focused, paperless preventive maintenance program
  • Simple calls are handled by the service operator
  • Oscar on the Go on smartphones for hotel employees

Centralizes all guests’ requests and complaints and guarantees full follow up on every request.

Optima Service Center – Oscar, is a conceptual breakthrough in management approach to guests’ requests and complaints. By continually monitoring of guest service, Oscar enables the hotel to improve guest service, work elegantly and efficiently and to improve internal organizational service procedures. Oscar provides the hotel’s management with tools and statistics to constantly measure the quality of service delivered. Oscar is integrated with Optima PMS using one single image database with no interfaces and no breakpoint.

If anything goes wrong during the stay, Oscar helps you stay on top of the incident until it is resolved to the guest’s satisfaction. The guest receives one telephone number to call for any problem – minor or major. The operator of the Service Center records the message into Oscar, classified to one of many optional event types. Simultaneously, the operator directs the department responsible for handling the event by telephone call or an automatic SMS messaging. An internal stopwatch is activated to monitor the event, while for every kind of event maximum reaction time has been programmed. A short time before dead line, Oscar alerts the operator of the possibility of failing to handle the event on time.

The department responsible informs the guest service center upon completion of handling the event or the request. The center operator contacts the guest as soon as he receives a sign of completion of the event in order to verify his satisfaction and in doing so designates process conclusion.

Reduce Guest complaints.

Oscar helps the hotel track all of the guest incidents and bring to light those areas that need most attention. Systematically, the hotel can then correct the recurring issues one by one until it has no guest issues. Optima Go Green allows hotels using Optima Hotel Genius at Work to go the extra mile and reduce the total amount of printed paper, meet the valuable targets of helping the environment and save costs of operations.