Optima Interactive Booking Engine is a real time two way interface between Optima PMS and the hotel’s Web booking site.

The Optima Booking Engine is a .NET based, on-line Internet booking system allowing direct (though limited) Internet access to the hotel’s Information System and database, with no need for external interfaces, for optimal usage of real time data obtained directly from the core of the information system.

Optima Interactive Booking Engine allows direct individual bookings, company individual bookings based on company’s negotiated rates and agreement, direct cancellations of bookings and dynamic prices and special offers information.

Optima Interactive Booking Engine is created as a Web face to Optima PMS aimed at customers on the Internet. It allows the customer, whether an individual or a company, limited access to hotel information with the possibility of creating, modifying or canceling reservations. Availability and prices are taken directly from the real hotel database, using a pre-defined factor, so that it is always accurate. Prices are dynamic and are taken from the flexible price codes defined in Optima. Any change in occupancy or price policy will influence the Internet users immediately, the same way they affect the reservation clerks in the hotel.