The Optima Go Green solution includes:

Optima Green Check In – advance check in that can be done on the Internet or Smart-phones up to 24 hours before arrival, avoids the need to print registration cards and speeds up the checkin process at the hotel. Optima

Green Check Out – display of guest folio on an external monitor, iPad, or similar device, instead of printing folio statement and an option to send invoices to guests or companies directly by email.

Optima Fax and file attachments – attachment of faxes and other documents to the reservations and access them directly from the reservation window at any given time. The files attached to the reservations and folios can be viewed even years after the guest has checked out. This solution is ideal for hotel groups and ends the days of paper based communication between head office, CRS and hotels.

Optima passports and IDs scanning – smart scanning of various IDs, passports, driver licenses and business cards. The ID scanner extracts the data directly into the Guest Profile information in Optima database. Hotels using Optima CRM may also import the picture from the scanned document.

Paperless night process –the entire statistics and financial information is stored in a data warehouse within Optima database and can be accessed at any time and issued as reports, on-screen display, PDF files or Excel sheets. Green hotels using Optima Hotel Genius at Work do not print a single paper during night process. Optima Self-Service is a self service counter that combines a touch- screen with keyboard, signature pad and card encoder, allowing guests to per form checkin and checkout on their own without waiting in line for the reception.

Optima Self-Service is designed for simple, quick and yet fully functional processes that allows guests to easily practice the complete essential procedures of checkin and checkout.