• Combination of hotel rooms and conference rooms under one main reservation
  • Management of one folio per congress that includes all components (hotel rooms, conference rooms, banqueting halls, meals, accessories)
  • The use of joint dining rooms allows calculation and limitations of the number of covers in each dining room at any given hour
  • One meal forecast for the hotel includes all meals of hotel guests and events participants
  • Book quickly conferences based on pre defined packages
  • Various operational booking status (option, tentative, reserved, paid, canceled, waiting)
  • Follow up and cutoff dates
  • Complex halls and hall arrangement
  • Accessories from predefined list of accessories, depending on accessory availability
  • Standard dining room meals, standard menus and special menus for family event
  • Multi lingual agreement forms

Optima Events works under open architecture and is built both as a standalone system and as a module inside the Optima PMS. The module handles the processes of catering, banqueting, events and conferences integrated with all the functions of the Optima Property Management System. The exceptionality of this module is the integration between room reservations, meals and conference rooms included in one congress booking.

Optima Events places all the vital information needed for the optimum operation of events and banqueting in the hotel. All information can be viewed on-line or printed in a large variety of reports. Advanced icons and color-coding charts give the banqueting managers an excellent overview of all hotel operations.

Optima Events issues quotation forms, events contracts, confirmation letters, fact sheets and special menu items lists for the use of all the hotel’s departments.