Optima Additional Features

  • Accounts Receivable (City Ledger)
  • Intelligent Reports
  • Manager’s Snapshots
  • Spa
  • Central Reservations System
  • Sales and Proposals

Accounts Receivable (City Ledger)

When an invoice is closed in the Optima Front Office system for later payment, a record is automatically created in the Account Receivable – Optima A/R module for the particular agent with all relevant details such as amount, guest name, due date etc. Payments by agents are against specific open invoices allowing full tracking of open amounts. Optima A/R allows printing of Summaries of invoices, payment against summary or individual invoices, part payment of invoices, adjustments to invoices and summary and detailed aging reports with breakdown to current, 30, 60, 90 days.

Intelligent Reports

The Optima Intelligent Report program is an advanced reporting tool based on a data warehouse created daily for this purpose. It contains over a thousand decision supporting reports and graphs based on actual activities and forecasts. The program allows viewing KPI Key Performance Indicators (room income, number of reservation etc.) in different perspectives (market segments sources, group/individuals etc.) in different time frames (day, month, quarter etc.) The system supports decision making in various issues. All the reports can be transformed into graphs using standard Microsoft Excel tools.

Optima CRS

Optima offers two type of central reservations. The Multi PMS, ideal for centrally managed hotel groups and the CRS, ideal for a group of hotels that are not centrally managed or are running on local servers in the individual hotels. Seamless integration between the CRS and the PMS allows the CRS to compete on the last room and assist the hotels in filling up at the current effective price.


Optima Spa is an effective scheduling and management tool to help you provide your guest the best service your spa has to offer. Optima spa is a reliable and professional management system that organizes vital information for day to day work, helps maintain a high level of service for increasingly demanding guests and assists you in making crucial decisions that affect the total success of your spa and hotel business. Optima Spa is fully integrated with Optima PMS using one single image database with no interfaces and no breakpoint.

Optima Snapshots

Optima Snapshots are powerful tools for hotel managers and owner to follow up on hotel operations by receiving daily income and forecast Snapshots automatically by email. The Snapshots are sent daily to selective managers of the hotel or group reporting on the hotel’s on-the-books performance compared to last year, forecasts and budgets.

Optima Sales & Proposals

Optima S&P manages and follows up quotations given to customers for groups, congresses and seminars. It is built to prevent mistakes and internal competition between sales reps, allows multiple quotations for one group in different hotels and dates and calculates prices by setting basic price per group.

Optima S&P is integrated with Optima PMS (single hotel or hotel group) and may block tentatively rooms when a quotation is waiting for final confirmation. Once a quotation is confirmed and finalized the group reservation is automatically created in