Onetap Key Features

Quick Sales

  • Intuitive, user-friendly touch screen.
  • Staff tap in orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Save time and money.
  • Round Repeat.
  • Increase the amount of time spent with customers.
  • Build customer relationships.
  • Faster delivery of orders.
  • Seating management.


  • Increase the speed of your order.
  • Increase time spent with customers.
  • Cut labour costs.
  • Decrease kitchen traffic.
  • Print management handhelds.
  • Making sure everything ordered is billed and paid for.
  • Round Repeat.


  • Staff can place an order and create a temporary tab.
  • Allow customers to pay when leaving rather than to pay up front.
  • Upsell with multiple orders.
  • Single payment for multiple orders.
  • Predefine a tab limit.

Visual Order Display

  • A touch screen placed at a strategic spot allows your barista or chef to view and manage all current orders, with warning indicators to make sure of top quality service.

Prepaid cashless System

  • Onetap prepaid cash system replaces cash transaction with prepaid system this cuts down.

Online Ordering

  • Customers can visit your web site, view your menu, place their order and have it sent and printed to their selected branch.

Stock control

  • Onetap has a full food and beverage recipe based inventory control system that fully automates the process of managing stock.
  • Reports such as Gross Profit, Stock Take, Usage, Stock Levels, Re-ordering are included.
  • Accurate costing and recipe creation assist all our clients to achieve a maximum profit margin with reduction in waste.
  •  Helpful tools such as minimum and maximum re-order levels assist you to manage your ordering process and maintain correct stock levels.
  • Onetap provides a simple and easy to use stock taking process which assists you to highlight product variance and all usage quickly.
  • This will in return give you accurate, actual Gross Profit reporting. In turn this quickly highlights any problematic areas. At the touch of a button you will be able to see your stock valuation at both cost and retail.
  • The current stock movement report will guide you to up to date stock levels and how they have been achieved, i.e. opening stock, purchases, transfers, sales and waste. Complete analysis of Food and Drink Sales in a Multi Bar environments “Powerful yet Simple to use”

3D Table Mapping

  • Trigger alarm management to ensure service to all tables.
  • Booking system.
  • Exception reporting capabilities.
  • Position numbering.
  • Order details.
  • Transfer orders.
  • Split payments.
  • Threshold spending.
  • Separate children count from covers.
  • Section revenue analysis.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

  • Onetap’s comprehensive gift card and voucher management system allows you to easily sell and redeem gift cards/vouchers giving a high level of security and automated control.
  • You can easily view liability of all gift cards/vouchers outstanding expiry dates. Details of sales transactions per gift cards/vouchers, lost and blacklisted cards.


  • Self service kiosk with integrated EFTPOS.
  • Queue buster, no more queues.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Improve customer service and perception.
  • Create stunning impression.

Social Networking Loyality

  • Set up any type of loyalty accounts & discount schemes in one or multiple sites.
  • Social networking integration with Facebook, twitter and foursquare.
  • The ability to have different branches all managed from head office.
  • The ability to share loyalty across all branches.
  • Any discount schemes and accumulate points.
  • Automatic Texting & Emailing Promotions directly to your clients.

EFTPOS Intergration

  • Fastest EFTPOS solution on the market.
  • Free up you POS unit to quickly serve the next customers.
  • Save money on phone lines.
  • Credit card payment.

Outlet Sync

  • Databases share data over net.
  • Up to data loyalty info sent to all sites.
  • Management of all sites from head office.
  • Automatic reporting from Head Office.

Remote Access

  • Remote reporting.
  • Remote administration.
  • From anywhere in the world.

Customer Accounts

  • Customer/staff charge accounts.
  • Customer/staff tracking accounts.
  • Discount matrix and tracking.
  • In house, contra, VIP accounts.
  • A4 statements & invoices.

Clock In/Out

  • Accurate time and attendance records.
  • Keep track of your staff movements.
  • Integrate with your payroll.


  • Get accurate statistical information about who sells how much of what and when.
  • Access and analyse historical data at any time to see where you made your money.

Ontap Surveillance

  • Security on cash taking in the till.
  • Keep an eye on all transactions.
  • Every transaction recorded on camera.


  • This brilliant and simple to use application facilities our customers to access vital sales information from anywhere at any time instantly for one or multiple sites. this application provides our customers with an immediate and unique competitive edge.

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